VDH - Verband für das Hundewesen eV FCI -Fédération-Cynologique-Internationale

It took us a 5 year search for us to find a King Charles Spaniel which fulfilled our fulfilled our criteria regarding health and had the typical breed’s charm.

We were looking for a Charlie which would help to further the breed in Germany. Genetic variety is of particular importance with the Charlie.

Despite this we were not looking for the produce of an outcross, but were seeking a breeder who wanted to keep the old harmonious type we knew from England in the breed, as this is also our goal. We were very lucky to find just such a bitch with the Harvey family in England.

Brother and sister Michael and Valerie Harvey had set themselves the goal of maintaining this breed in the old type: moderate size, attractive and exquisite look combined with a friendly and absolutely loyal disposition. They bred from very good bloodlines continuing the Tewhit lines in their breeding program.

Sadly Michael Harvey passed away during the summer of 2006.

Due to this we are particularly proud to have an original “Rivermoor” as a sound investment in our breeding program in Germany.