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Clussexx Champagne Breakfast

Amerikanischer Champion
Amerikanischer Grand Champion
Finnischer Champion  2014 
World Winner 2014
Federal Winner 2014
Autuumwinner 2014
FCI Europeanwinner 2014
Luxembourg Champion

Crufts Qualification

Breeders:  Douglas Johnson, Jaime Hubbard, Simone Politi, Jeane Haverick
Owners:  Douglas Johnson, Jaime Hubbard, June Peterson, Markus Kirschbaum ; Klaus Vorderstrasse

Veterinär Checks Current Health Checks /
August 2014  

Heart:clear Grade 0

Patella: checked


Welcome Bennie ... we are proudto have new glamour in the house.World Winner and Multi Champion Clussexx Champagne Breakfast.
It was pure coincidence that Bennie cross our way in Dallas Texas with his owner June Peterson I was invited to the AKC Show in Dallas for judging the Cavaliers when I saw in the neighborshowring a great tricolor Charliemale. Later in the group was again this fantastic charlie with that stylish movement and so impressive overall appearance. After the mainring I had to go to owner...and the first contacts were exchanged ... One thing led to another and it was agreed that we are allowed to "borrow" Bennie for a year ... and so I picked him up at the Worldwinner in Helsinki...but the special point was that there Bennie not only won the title WorldWinner 2014 but also won Best of Breed from about 60 Charlies...this I call extra cream on the top. We are happy that the owner and breeder trust us so much to let her special boy come to us.
With Bennie we can refresh our small genpool in Europe....a very good collaboration!
Bennie is availabled for stud...
Please contact me under mkirschbaum@web.de




Eltern / parents Großeltern / grandparents Urgroßeltern / great grandparents Ururgroßeltern / great great grandparents
AKC GCh. Royalist Ready to Reign Ch. Rossbonny Henley Maibee Kingston Maibee Clayton
Maibee Carolina
Joycott Diamonds Star over Rossbonny Rossbonny MCMoon
Joycott String of Pearls
Ch. Royalist Ring of Roses Ch Royalist Blaze of Glory Ch Dreambridge Dear Darby
Ch Royalist Wings of Dove
Ch Chaseland's Haut Couture Ch Royalist Reign On
Ch Jovan Royal Hopefully Yours
Dloce Vita Des Trois Maillets Ulysse Du Loch D'Amor Fall in Love Vilflorian of Yashimi Ch Little Artist De Vilfloriane
Just you wait De Sorine
Peggy Penelope Love you a lot De Vilfloriane
Delight King Miami-Margotte
Soyana Des Trois Maillets Mortimer Vilflorian of Yoshimi Ch Tudorhurst Beaugeste
Tudorhurst Tiarabella
Oxcitane De'lephine A Miel Jackson De Kamaishi

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