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Rivermoor Sorrel


~ Worldwinner FCI 2012 ~

~ Europeanwinner - 2012 ~

~ 1 CC UK ~

Current Health Checks Current Health Checks / March 2007:
Heart: clear Grade 0 Patella: Free of luxating patella

We owe tremendous gratitude to Valerie Harvey for allowing us to have “Mausi”. “Mausi” is the daughter of Champion Rivermoor Trefoil who was also Top Winning Bitch in 2005. „Mausi” will form the cornerstone for our „Bonitos Companeros Deluxe” breeding program. „Mausi“ is a slender yet sturdy bitch, who gives us great joy due to her happy and somewhat stubborn personality.

„Mausi’s“ first litter is planned is planned for Autumn this year. The sire will be Absolutely Fabulous Charly Unlimited. With this combination we will linebreed back to English Champion and Top Stud Dog Tewhit Tradition. Tradition is a King Charles who supercedes our expectations for health and phenotype.

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Rivermoor Sorrel

Portrait of Rivermoor Sorrel

Portrait of Rivermoor Sorrel

Pedigree of "Rivermoor Sorrel".

Eltern / parents Großeltern / grandparents Urgroßeltern / great grandparents Ururgroßeltern / great great grandparents
Tewhit Treasure-Trove Tewhit Tradition Tewhit Trade Secret Tewhit Trust William
Tewhit Tristesse
Tewhit Trinket Zepherine-Pierrot-of-Marban
Tewhit Treasure`s Gem Tewhit Trysten Benhaven Tristram at Brendek
Tewhit Trinketbox
Tewhit Treasure Tewhit Theseus
Tewhit Trinket
Rivermoor Trefoil Maplehurst Lad Maibee-Mackanzie Maplehurst Apollo
Maplehurst Clarissa of Maibee
Maplehurst Sharita Woodhacht Robin Hood of Maibee
Maplehurst Venetia at Woodhorn
Tewhit Tansy at Rivermoor Tewhit Touch of Midas Kingscourt Nocturne by Amantra
Tewhit Tiger Lily
Tewhit Tamora Tewhit Toreador
Tewhit Talking Doll

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