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The ideal companion....

Due to it’s moderate size the Charlie is classed as a Toy or Companion Dog. This royal dog weighs between four and eight kilos meaning it is the perfect size to accompanying a person wherever they go. Charlies are sporting enough to join you for long walks, but also comfortable enough to enjoy the pleasures of lying on the sofa. Their adaptability is a breed characteristic, which makes the Charlie so endearing.


The King Charles Spaniel is not a japper. Provided the owner is consistent the King Charles is easy to train. The Charlie is sensitive and adores his master, making him the perfect dog for the first-time dog owner. Proper motivation and encouragement are sufficient to make your Charlie the perfect partner. The Charlie will not appreciate any form of forcefulness.

An all-purpose healthy dog...

The Charlie is an all-purpose dog, who should not be demoted to the status of a lap dog. In contrast to many short nosed breeds, Charlies have no breathing difficulties. Long walks or even agility pose no problem for the Charlie. Charlies are built to have a long and healthy life.

We at Bonitos Companeros Deluxe only breed which dogs who have successfully passed veterinary health checks and who are approved for breeding.

We at Bonitos Companeros Deluxe only breed which dogs who have successfully passed veterinary health checks and who are approved for breeding. Our dogs are examined for hereditary diseases prior to being used for breeding. This way hereditary diseases of eyes, patella luxations and heart problems can be prevented (in as far as possible). Certificates of these examinations can be seen at any time, and the examinations are regularly repeated.

What makes a Charlie so special?

Charlies have been bred to be calm even-tempered aristocratic dogs. Over centuries breeders have selected exactly these traits to be continued and strengthened in the breed making them very special dogs.

The empathy that a Charlie demonstrates to his master is a unique breed characteristic. Making them companions of a very special type.

In particular people who have an individual lifestyle, or who have strong personalities feel attracted to this breed.

But a Charlie is also a great family dog. They get on very well will children, and accompany the family in an unobtrusive way. They do however seek a master. Once they have found their master they are devotedly loyal.


The Charlie’s intelligence and instincts are often underrated. Charlies do not show off or show importunity. They are curious and very interested in their environment, but the do choose their company themselves. You cannot persuade a Charlie to like you, they will decide whether you are to be liked or not. Despite this the Charlie shows himself to be a friendly dog, which will always greet guests in a friendly way provided they have shown themselves worthy ?.

Finally we would like to add: The Charlie is a rare and precious pearl and anyone who owns one will experience joy with their Charlie for life.