VDH - Verband für das Hundewesen eV FCI -Fédération-Cynologique-Internationale


FCI Europa Winner / Brno (Entry 35)

Clussexx Champagne Breakfast
BOB under Breed specialist Marja Kuritto
and later Group 3



Federal Winner Show and Autuum Winner Show Dortmund

Clussexx Champagne Breakfast
Autuum Winnershow: Autummwinner 2014, BOB, Best in Group3
Feralwinner Show : Federal WInner 2014, BOB and Group 2



First time in UK.......

Breed Judge Ruth Mochrie
Group Judge D. Jenkins

Clussexx Champagne Breakfast:  BOB and Group II ,Crufts Qualification

Bonitos Companeros Deluxe Herbie : Best Puppy Dog



CACIB Giessen


What a day for Bennie " Clussexx Champagne Breakfast "


Thank you June Peterson , Jamie Hubbard, Doug Johnson, Simone Politi, for this lovley Dog ...!


The next day .......

Best in Show...what a Charlie 
Clussexx Champagne Breakfast 

Judge: Walter Schicker




CACIB Luxembourg


Clussexx Campagne Breakfast Winning the Group at the International Dog Show in Luxembourg !!!!! 




Worlddogshow Finnland

World Winner and BOB
Am Grand Champion  Clussexx Champagne Breakfast

We are very proud to take this lovely dog home to Germany..
Thank you June Peterson and Doug Johnson for let this Dog come to us for the next Year.. 
Owners M Kirschbaum & K Vorderstrasse & J Peterson D Johnson
Breeder: Douglas Johnson 


Clubshow & CACIB Salzburg 2014


"Mango" Bonitos Companeros Deluxe Jupiter won on both days in Austria at the Clubshow and at the CACIB Exc.1 Res.CACIB. His mother World Winner Downsbank Cherry Companera back after her babybreak got on both days Exc1 CAC Cacib and Bob. Ch. Maibee Debonair was Bob first day and got the CACIB at the International Show.

Bundessieger Show Dortmund

Judge: Herr. Deutscher

Bonitos Companeros Deluxe Jupiter Federal Junior WInner 2013
Bonitos Companeros Deluxe Glamour Meggan Federal Winner 2013
Maibee Debonaire Federal Winner 2013 with Best of Breed


Meggan after the Winner Show in her haturelook‎ ... only being a Charlie ...
also a showdog has to be allowed to be a dog....


Bundessieger Show & Clubshow Tulln Österreich

Bonitos Companeros Deluxe Delikato 

28.9.2013 Club show Tulln
Judge Mrs. Karin Voye (DE)

- champion class -
Excelent 1, CAC, Clubwinner & Austrian Champion.

Cacib Tulln 29.9.2013
Judge J.F.Vanake (Belgien)

- champion class -
Excelent 1, CAC, CACIB. Austrian Winner

VDH Rheinlandwinner Show Krefeld

Judge: Ferdi Dickmann

At his very first show our " Mango"  Bonitos Companeros Deluxe Jupiter got the title VDH Rheinlandjuniorwinner 2013.

Bonitos Companeros Glamour Meggan was also successfull
and won Best female and BOB.

We are very proud on our Deluxe Kids and
big congrats Maggan´s owners Sigrid Steinbacher to this great success!

Photo Susanne Riesner


Europeanwinnershow 2013

Judge Ramune Kazlauskaite

With great joy we could show our Charlies this time at a fair competition.
After the invitation of the VDH was the judge Mrs Ramune Kazlauskaite and rewarded with a large number of entries.

BOB CACIB out of the Open Class "Trinie" Downsbank Valentina
and teh title Springwinner VDH 2013
Co Owner Ruth Mochrie
Exc1 Res CACIB Downsbank Cherry Companera
Exc1 CACIB male Maibee Debonair Smithy got also the title Springwinner VDH 2013

We are also very happy about "Motte" Cofton Jailhouse Rock Black and Tan male who is co owned with Rita and Jürgen Mittelstedt, he got Exc.1 CAC and also Res. CACIB.

A confirmation that we have made with our imports from the home country England
​​the right choice.

Thank you very much for the faire reports to judge Ramune Kazlauskaite / Lithuania .

CACIB Offenburg März 2013

Judge Bertold Peterburs D

Downsbank Cherry Companera "BOB"

Mausi had a great Comeback: after her puppybreak she did it again at the CACIB Offenburg.
Mausi won out of the OPen classi Exc.1,CACIB and at the Top Best of Breed.
So she fullfilled teh conditions for the German VDH and IC Club Champion.


Downsbank Vis a Vis

German Juniorchampion Club 2013 and VDH Juniorchampion 2013


25.11.2012 Kirchheim

Vis a Vis

Best Junior Female IC 2012


Windsor Championchip Show 2012 

FCI Worldwinner 2012 "Maibee Debonair " 1 Res and now 2 CC won on Windsor his second - Dog CC and BOB Judge: Ruth Mochrie Downsbank 
What a Day for us " Dog CC on one day ... with Cavalier and King Charles 




World Winner Show 2012 Salzburg Austria

Just back from the World Dog Show we are thrilled about our 4 World Winners from left to right :
Ch Miletree Constellation World Winner and BOB and Group short listed
JCh. Bonitos Companeros Zoom Zoom World Winner Bitch 2012
JCh. Downsbank Cherry Companera World Winner Bitch King Charles 2012
Maibee Debonair World Winner and BOB King Chalres Dogs

we are so proud also of our Offspring Bonitos Companeros High Energie from Italy
... won World Junior Winner 2012 and not to forget Best Puppy was Bonitos Companeros Marzipan
Best Puppy King Charles Bonitos Companeros Deluxe Good Golly Miss Molly

Thank you to Melanie , Elaine and Nicola for all their help and everybody who gave us such wonderfull support from the Ringsite .



British Dog Festival in Dortmund 2012

The Kennel Club UK and the VDH Germany( German Kennel Club ) work together
and celebrate this first British Dog Festival .
King Charles : Judge Breed Specialist D. Fry Amantra UK

UK Dog CC Maibee Debonair and BOB
UK Bitch CC Downsbank Cherry Companera
both our Charlies got on Saturday also European Winner 2012 we are proud and say thank you to the judges.


Europeanwinnershow 2012

Our two Charlies, Maibee Debonair won European Winner 2012 won Best of Breed, and Downsbank Cherry Companera won European Winner bitch 2012.


Crufts 2012

Also for the Charlie Crufts was a big success! Smithy Maibee Debonair was out of 17 males in the Open class the 4th place.Mausi Downsbank Cherry Companerea get the 1st place out of 8 Yearling females and thsi wasn't the end. Her halfsister Trinie Downsbank Valentina won also the class Post Graduate Bitch.


We are proud that Trinies breeder Ruth Mochrie trusted us this sweet girl !


1st. Mr M and Mr K Kirschbaum and Vorderstrasse. Downsbank Cherry Companera.
Lovely 22 month old Tricolour. Another with well broken markings and strong clear tans. Well developed head with long attractive ears. Excellent pigmentation. Good width of muzzle completing an appealing head piece. Nice reach of neck to carry it off held very well at all times. Free moving covering the ring well with strong driving action. Strong contender for Reserve CC award. Excellent presentation.


1st Mrs R Mochrie. Downsbank Valentina. Well balanced Tricolour neat outline and carrying a good spring of rib. Excellent body and well broken correct markings. Full feminine head, good ear length, Moved confidently with excellent temperament. Just kept on showing for her owner/ breeder today to beat off strong challenge from 2 and 3.


Community Dog Show in Genk / Belgia 2012

Mausi Downsbank Cherry Companera picked up her first CAC in this country.
After winning her class Mausi also won the Best of Breed competition.Ruth Mochrie, Mausi´s breeder of teh Kennel Downsbank from GB was very proud!

Judge Erwin Deutscher / Austria


Winner Amsterdam 2011

Judge Peter Machetanz
On Saturday Maibee Debonair get the title Winner Amsterdam on the biggest netherland show.He got out of the open class Best of Breed and has now won three in a row each of the countries biggest show.Thus he has the Crufts qualifications from these three countries!


CACIB Hannover

Judge : Linda Reinold-Gehbauer

On 23.10.2011 Maibee Debonaire could get out of the open class males Exc.1, CAC, CACIB and also with Best of Breed BOB. We was special pleases that our Mausi Downsbank Cherry Companera out of the Intermediate class reached Exc.1 CAC and CACIB. We want to thank for the excellent reports by the breedspecialist Mrs Linda Reinhold- Gehbauer.Mrs Reinhold- Gehbauer bred alsoKing Charles and also importetd the first dog from England.

Thank you also to Ruta Towse for the perfect handling of our Mausi!


Federalwinnershow CACIB Dortmund

Not only with our cavaliers we was successfull also with the charlies we did great at Germany biggest show.
Maibee Debanaircould beat the cometitors in the open class and got Exc.1 CAC CACIB and then he got under the english judge Andrew Grace the popular price Best of Breed.

Andrew Brace wrote over our male...

Auszug aus dem Richterbericht : 4 Years tricolour of outstanding quality . Beautifull head . Beautifull balanced outline , well broken , colours . Very rare to find such a good topline in this breed . His movement is amazing for a King Charles . He would be a Champion everywere .


Crowned was this day with Smithy's first kids who were born in our kennel.5 kids in all 4 colors.Thats we never had!Read more under our puppy page!



Austrian Winner / Tulln


Judge: Paunovic Dusan, SRB

Smithy Maibee Dabonair was successfull on his very first show after he arrived from England.
In the Open class he won Exc.1 CAC , CACIB get the title Winner Austria 2011.


His friend Mausi Downsbank Cherry Companera could also argue from the open class .
Mausi won again Exc.1 / CACIB and Best female and is also Winner Austria 2011. Mausi fullfilled also teh conditions for the Austrian Juniorchampion. Smithy then won the jump off to the best of the breed BOB.




International Dog Show Druskienniki (Lithuania)

Bonitos Companeros Deluxe Adonis at Rubinowy Skarb gets once again the
Excellent 1, CAC-LT, CACIB
and finally Best of Breed.

Judge: Paul Stanton (Schweden)

With that success "Cliff" fullfit the conditions for the Lithuanian Champion.


Bonitos Companeros Deluxe Amaryllis

wins on the European Winner Show 2009 once again the junior class is got the title

European Junior Winner 2009


National Dog Show Ukmerge (Lithuania)

Bonitos Companeros Deluxe Adonis at Rubinowy Skarb got in great style
Excellent 1, CAC-LT, BOS
and Best of Breed.



Bonitos Companeros Deluxe Amaryllis

wins on the famous Bundessiegerzuchtschau 2008 the Junior's class bitches
and gaines the important title

Therewith she fullfit the conditions for the
German Juniorchampion title


CAC-Shows Recklinghausen, 20. / 21.09.2008

Judges: Doris Getzinger (A) & Robert Blümel (A)

Bonitos Companeros Deluxe Adonis at Rubinowy Skarb "Cliff"
Junior class

20.09.: Exc.1, JCAC, Best Male, BOB
21.09.: Exc.1, JCAC, Beste Male

Amaryllis & Adonis

Bonitos Companeros Deluxe Amaryllis "Sue Ellen"
Junior class

20.09.: Exc.1, JCAC, Best Female
21.09.: Exc.1, JCAC, Best Female, BOB


Cliff did it again and again ...

Bonitos Companeros Deluxe Adonis at Rubinowy Skarb



CACIB Luxembourg, 06.09.2008

Excellent 1, JCAC
and therewith made up
Luxembourg Junior Champion


CACIB Bialystok (Poland), 30.08.2008
Judge: Kislyakov (BLR)

Excellent 1, CWC, Res. CACIB


CAC Koszyce (Slovakia), 13.07.2008
Judge: Kostalova (Czech Republik)

Excellent 1, JCAC, BOB
and therewith made up
Slovakia Junior Winner


CAC Marjampol (Litauen), 22.06.2008

Excellent 1, JCAC, BOB
and therewith made up
Lithuania Junior Champion & Baltic Junior Champion


CAC Senec (Slowakia), 06.06.2008

Judge: Pawel Szemraj (Poland)

Excellent 1, JCAC, BOB


CACIB Tallin (Estonia), 01.06.2008

Judge: P. Smojver-Selimovic (Croatia)

Excellent 1, JCAC, Best Junior of Breed
Estonian Junior Winner 2008
Crufts Qualification 2009

and therewith made up
Junior Champion of Estonia


CAC Jonava (Lithuania), 11.05.2008

judge: Zivile Povilaitiene (Lithuania)

Excellent 1, JCAC, Best Junior in Breed, BOB


CACIB St. Gallen (Switzerland), 17.05.2008

judge: K. Lummelampi (Finland)

Excellent 1, JCAC, Best Junior in Breed, BOB
Crufts Qualification 2009

"very promising junior, exc. skull, nicely upturned under jaw, rather prominent checks, good body, would prefer shorter line, moves well, nice colours"


CACIB St. Gallen (Switzerland), 18.05.2008

judge: Chr.. Habig (Germany)

Excellent 1, JCAC, Best Junior in Breed

and therewith made up
Junior Champion of Switzerland

"erstklassiger Rüde, bei super Typ + Balance, sehr schöner Kopf, frei Aktion, erstklassige Knochen, typische Substanz, für 1 Jahr sehr gut entwickelt, erstklassiges Haar"


CAC Plunge (Lithuania), 24.05.2008

judge: Liliann Hanniste (Estonia)

Excellent 1, JCAC.


Clubwinner-Show FCI group IX & International Dog Show
Opole (Polen)

Judges: Yolanda Nagler Magal (Israel) & Roberto Schill (Romania)

Bonitos Companeros Deluxe Adonis at Rubinowy Skarb "Cliff" goes on in great style with winning both times first in Junior class dogs and becomes Polish Clubjuniorwinner and Junior Winner Opole 2008. On sunday he gets in addition the Best Junior in Breed title.


Therewith Cliff fullfit now all conditions for the Polish Juniorchampion title.


International Dog Show Wieselburg (Austria)

Judge: Susanne Kuratko (A)

Bonitos Companeros Deluxe Amaryllis "Sue Ellen" wins the Junior class, becomes Junior Winner Wieselburg 2008, Best Junior and Best of Breed.

Excerpt of the judging report (translated):
"11 months old very pleasing feminine bitch, excellent pigment, correct angulated, correct movement, friendly character, a very nice representative of her breed"
Exc.1, Best Junior, BOB


International Dog Show Katowice (Poland)

Judge: Hans Boelaars (NL)

Bonitos Companeros Deluxe Adonis at Rubinowy Skarb "Cliff" continues his successful show-tour: He wins with great style the Junior's class dogs, becomes Best Junior in Breed and Junior Winner Katowice 2008. Therewith Cliff is now qualified for Crufts 2009.

Excerpt of the judging report:
"Tri, with nice markings and rich tan, plenty of silky coat, excellent head, high dumped skull, low earset, deep stop, strong chin, excellent front, happy character".


CAC Recklinghausen

Jugde: Karin Bernardis (A)

An her very first show our princess Sue Ellen - Bonitos Companeros Deluxe Amaryllis - gains at first shot first place in Junior class bitches, got her first JCAC, and finally Best Bitch and Best of Breed (BOB)


International Dog Show Riga (Latvia)

Judge: breed specialist - Sylvie Desserne (F)

Bonitos Companeros Deluxe Adonis at Rubinowy Skarb "Cliff" wins again the junior class dogs and got the Junior ticket. In the final competition he gains in addition the title Best Opposite Sex (BOS)

Mrs. Desserne was fascinated about his "well angulation" and his "very wheel and happy movement".


International Dog Show Brno (Czech Republik)

Judge: Mr. Vretenicic (CG)

Bonitos Companeros Deluxe Adonis at Rubinowy Skarb "Cliff" gains on his very first start in Junior's class at first go the mark Excellent 1st, CAC Junior and becomes in a group of 20 Kings Beste Male & Best of Breed (BOB)

Judge's description:

"good size, typical body, nice head, correct bite, good angulations, good movement and handling"




International Dog Show Kaunas (Lithuania)

Judge: Zofia Konderla (PL)

Cliff gains the mark Very Promising 1 and becomes Best Puppy in Breed


Bundessiegerschau in Österreich - Tulln 2007-

judge: Robert Blümel

Am Sonntag , den 30.09.2007 startete Ch. Ribessita Lady Madonna of Liverpool
im Österreichischen Tulln. Sie holte sich das BOB und konnte sich
sogar den Titel Österreichischer Bundessieger 2007 erlaufen.

Bundessiegershow 2007 in Tulln

Zusätzlich wurde Cliff in Tull Bester in der Puppy-Klasse!

judge Zelsko Gasic bewertete ihn wie folgt:
beautiful head, expr. eyeshape, beautiful baby

Bundessiegershow 2007 in Tulln

Rossbonny Bailey
Judge Dr.Annukka Paloheimo, Baily and Sylvia Lymer

We are looking forward to this summer, where we will raise our puppies and enjoy watching them grow and develop. In autumn we plan to prepare our whippersnappers for their upcoming show careers, and all being well the „A litter ministars“ will start in the junior class in the show ring in January 2008.

We hope that the little BoCo- Deluxes will be as successful as their parents.

Their dam Ch. Ribesita Lady Madonna of Liverpool has set the example to be followed:

Junior World Winner FCI 2003
German Junior Champion 2003
German Champion IC 2004
District Winner North Rhein Westfalia 2004

The sire of the litter Rossbonny Baily has been able to prove himself with wins at his first show appearances:

We are glad and proud to have this confident and very rare pearl with us. Her carefree and happy personality makes her unique. We thank Sabine Ranneberg that she has trusted us to enter into co ownership with her for Pünktchen or as she calls her “the dot”.